Sunday, February 26, 2006

Welcome back bloggers. I'm glad you are here. I'm sorry to report the new paragraph entry is still on the fritz. Now that we have seen and heard the 24 contestants, I find myself qualifying and making those decisions we all love to engage in. I believe tonight's results show will end the journey for Scott and Gathers in the ladies category and the guys will say good bye to Bennett and Penala. I also believe the race will come down to the guys, this year. I see as the top three picks as Ace, Taylor and Yamin. Some feel that Ace is a shoe-in, I disagree. Taylor hasn't let loose yet and I'm waiting for his Cocker's, You are so Beautiful which I believe will bring down the house. Yamin is a darkhorse that can be full of surprises, and possibly a voice to match. There are a lot of really special ladies with talent, but I am convinced this is the year for a male singer to win... at this early stage I believe it's possible that any one of the three mentioned could step forward for the crowning glory. Now with all of that said, let's get back to Tupelo Sunrise. In my quiet hours of playing casting director I am always in pursuit of the perfect Preston Laborde, our main character in Tupelo Sunrise. I am now convinced that Taylor is tailor made for the part. In the American Idol scenes Yamin and Ace would be perfect competitors. There will come a time that characters are chosen to play the parts in Tupelo Sunrise, and it will be out of my hands, but Taylor gets my thumbs up in my game of casting director. I see a great deal of the character Preston Leborde, in Taylor. What ever the outcome you can bet that the program will be interesting and obviously wall to wall talent. I wish good luck to each contestant and may they bring their best game forward. Until next time stay close and in the arms of loved ones. Ron